FMS/ME Syndrome

The Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Resource Book
and Life Planner Workbook

"Healing Resources For Patients, Family and Friends"

The book provides extensive resources for learning how to accept and understand these chronic illnesses, paves the way to access information easily, to give some sanity to the madness, and to educate family and friends on every aspect of these syndromes. "A comparative analysis in the Journal of Rheumatology found that the quality of life for women with FM is worse than for those who have Rheumatoid Arthritis." Fibromyalgia, unlike well known and understood diseases like cancer, springboards a journey for education, understanding and compassion. Written by a fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue patient, the book provides unlimited resources for patients and family to understand, learn, cope and find support through their walk in accepting and surviving these invisible illnesses. The Life Planner, is a workbook that maps out a step-by-step plan for adapting and coping with the lifestyle changes fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue patients must face.

The book provides extensive resources for: Patients, family and friends, to understand what these syndromes are, where the resources are that will carry you through the journey toward emotional healing, and where our hope is for finding a cure. The Book is divided into four sections:

The Syndromes
Understanding Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndromes: Cause, Diagnosing, Syndrome Comparisons, Tenderpoints, Symptoms, Treatments, Alternative Therapies, Medications, Prescription Drug Resources, Research and Clinical Trials.

The Resources
The Resources and Where to Find them. The Books: Diet, Exercise, FMS/CFS, Living Independently, Nutrition, Pain Management and Social Security and Disability. The Professional Medical Journals, Articles, Newsletters, Periodicals, Audios and Videos recommended by Fibromyalgia and ME Organisations.

The Support
The FMS and CFS Associations: U.S., Worldwide. Internet Support: Pain Management , Alternative Therapy, Chats and Forums, Pen Pals and Relationships, Humor, Therapy, Self-Help, and Webrings. The Social Security and Disability Process: U.S. and Canada, Advocacy: How To Become Involved.

The Life Planner
The Diagnosis, Understanding the Grieving Process, Working Through Feelings, Goal Planning, Daily and Monthly Worksheets, Exercises, Pain Charting, Vitamin and Nutritional Support, Finding Emotional Support, Letters to Normals Who Dont Have FMS/CFS, Doctor Patient Relationships, Educating Family and Friends, Shopping Resources, Working and Finances.

Available March 1st, 2001 - At all fine bookstores.
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